Starters (served with bread)

Soup of the day €5,50
North Sea fish soup with shrimp, rouille, cheese and toast €12,90
Fried scampi in red Thai curry €15,90
Stir fry scampi in garlic butter €15,90
Homemade cheese croquettes (2) €14,90
Homemade shrimp croquettes (2) €15,90
Salad with lukewarm goat cheese, apple and a honey vinaigrette €14,50
Smoked salmon “Nordic style” with toast, dill and sour cream €16,90


Caesar salad with chicken, croutons, Grana Padano cheese €16,50
Fried chicken salad, with pineapple, curry dressing and walnuts €18,50
Glazed scampi salad with apples, Hoi Sin sauce and sesame seeds €19,50
Salad Chagall with shrimp, scampi, smoked salmon and Wakame €21,50


Pasta bolognaise €16,50
Pasta Chagall Scampi in spicy tomato cream sauce with Sriracha €21,50
Pasta with mushrooms, cream, garlic and white wine €16,90
Pasta Arrabiata slightly spicy tomato sauce, Parmesan €16,90

Meat dishes

Flemish beef stew with apple sauce and crispy fries €18,90
Pork chop (280gr) Cross & Blackwell € 19.50
Beef steak ‘Filet mignon’ 220 gr. of Belgian white-blue €22,50
“Tagliata di manza” beef with Grana Padano, arugula, balsamic €22,50
Flemish style Rabbit with “Keizer Karel” beer, onions, croquettes €24,90
Butcher steak “onglet” (250 gr) cooked rare to medium-rare, red wine sauce with shallots €24,90

Fish dishes

Fish & chips with lettuce, tartar sauce and fries €17.50
Crispy skin salmon, red wine sauce and leek €21.50
Dover sole (3) baked in butter with lettuce, tartar and fries €24.50
Homemade schrimp croquettes (3) and salad €21,50
Scampi “maison” in spicy tomato sauce with Sriracha and salad €23.90
Bouillabaisse from the North Sea, toast and rouille €28.50


Chocolate mousse €7,90
Crème brûlée €7,90
Warm apple pie with cinnamon ice cream and whipped cream €9,90
Dame Noire €8,50
Dame Blanche €8,50
Nougatine ice cream with raspberry coulis €9.50

All dishes are house made